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Master the Body & the Mind to achieve optimum health

These sessions are delivered by BoxingYoga™ trainee Stephen Kiernan.  His sessions look at the whole pattern of movement in the musculoskeletal system and offers multi-stretching exercises in sequences, thus providing a routine for developing whole-body flexibility.
BoxingYoga™ pushes individuals to reach their potential whist ensuring that the exercises are safe and suitable to the needs of participants.
Merged with Ashtanga Yoga postures it develops body awareness by concentrating on alignment, coordination and flow while abandoning the chanting, esoteric beliefs and Sanskrit terminology but retains the essence of focused movement.
The sessions are beneficial to anyone who wishes to develop strength and flexibility.
The practice is a flowing movement that works through the whole body with an emphasis on stretching, strength and alignment
You can expect to push your limits, work hard and sweat yet leave feeling re-energised, stretched out and relaxed.
Other sessions which can either be included within the yoga class or as seperate sessions are Meditations & Reflections, Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Therapy) and Reiki (Energy Healing) to bring our bodies and minds to their highest condition.
    Stephen Kiernan Experience
  • Mindfulness Diploma
  • BoxingYoga™ Trainee
  • Ashtanga Yoga Practice
  • Trek to the home of the Dalai Lama and the exiled Tibetan Community in India
  • Living amongst the Gaddis Tribe in the Himalayas
  • Group sessions
  • 1:1 Training